Hitting the Big Time

This blog is mine and is all about me. See how many times my name is on it? As such, I will often be more shameless (less shameful? Wait…) in promoting myself here than I would be elsewhere. Thus, I would like to gloat, now, that the Citypaper quoted me! Ok, the Citypaper has quoted me before, when I talked to Amanda Hess over at The Sexist blog about this really uncomfortable time a cab driver tried to kiss me.

(Parenthetically [obviously, given that we’re now behind the curtain of an opening paren], Ms. Hess is now on TBD and you should read her there because she is crazy smart and has important things to say about sex, gender, and sexuality.)

It’s nice to be quoted for something that doesn’t involve groping, though. I’m also glad they picked the quote that proves high school algebra is relevant to daily adult life. Do your homework, kids!

Next stop: Internet fame! Or at least more opportunities to try to decide if I’m actually gloating or if I watched too many Woody Allen movies as a kid and can no longer tell the difference between annoying self-deprecation and annoying egotism.

Finally but should-have-been-firstly: Big old thank you to the Citypaper for reading my column and to Vinyl District for running it.

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