Go to Call + Response on Saturday

I have this desire to write about Obama’s budget speech, and say that I’m happy he’s wearing his Campaign Pants again, and wonder a little bit about what it would mean for him to be wearing his Campaign Pants and his President Pants at the same time (I’m wearing leggings under trousers right now, just so you know), and suggest that maybe an Obama who is both being president and campaigning at the same time is exactly what the progressive base wants. But then I start reading about the actual budget plan from smarter, leftier people (see The Nation, or Anne Lowry in Slate, for example) and I realized that I’m not comfortable trying to write about substance or policy, and the pundits have the campaign-speech/progressive-appeal thing well covered.

I do feel comfortable encouraging everyone to go to the Call + Response: Textures opening on Saturday. In this nifty art show, four writers contribute one original short piece each. Then four artists each respond to one of those pieces of writing by creating an original installation piece. Last year’s show, which featured more writers and did not emphasize installations, was terrific, and the after-party was the single best party I’ve ever been to in my life. Ever. Info about the opening is here. See you there?

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