Help me I am not clever enough for the Internet

I really ought to name my blog something other than ALLYSON. That’s MY name. I don’t want to share. But I don’t have any better ideas. Please assist. This is interactive blog creation!

My Myspace profile tagline for a while was Moods for Moderns and I thought of using that here. Too emo? If I’m truly going with music that I have always loved, it’d have to be something like Bloggy Bloggydust. I suppose that could work. Or Bloggey Road. But there are books, too. A Wrinkle in Blog? The Blogs of Titan? And movies! Bladeblogger. Alice in Bloggerland. (Allyson Bloggerland?) Singing in the Blog.

I should probably stay away from signing. I don’t like to sing. I’m not good at it. You don’t want to hear it. Putting the word “sing” in my blog title is inviting questions about my singing aptitude that I’m not comfortable answering.

How about just THIS IS A BLOG or MY BLOG? Or I could get all arty and be like Ceci n’est pas une blog.

Joke punchlines? Four-Door Pickle. Because Root Beer Makes Them Burp.

I suppose those are more like taglines. I’m swimming in those. I do like “Throwing things at the internet to see if they stick,” but I might switch to “Through the desert in a blog with no name.” Depending on whether I find a name. Which at this point is seeming less and less likely.

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