Fixation: The Gun Club

NPR’s streaming the new Japandroids album, Celebration Rock. I am very into it. I’d be into it anyway, but I’m extra stoked on all the Gun Club love in this album. The third track has lyrics from “Jack on Fire,” and the fourth track is a cover of “For the Love of Ivy.”

Fire of Love is one of my all-time favorite albums, but it is some depraved and twisted psychobillypunk brilliance. The lyrics to “Jack on Fire” (and “Sex Beat,” and “Black Train,” and basically every song on the album) make me feel like I need to go to confession (I have never been to a Catholic service in my life except for one wedding) or talk things out with my therapist, so I get super excited when other people are also into this evil.

Go listen! Don’t do anything weird because of it!

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